Red, White & Blue Out on 30th Sept

Red, White & BlueSimon Rumley’s red-hot, hard-edged psycho-sexual thriller RED WHITE & BLUE, starring a deeply disturbed Noah Taylor (that’s him on the poster), is set to open in UK cinemas from Sept 30, 2012 and on DVD & Blu-Ray from October 10.

Set in Austin, Texas, this “slacker revenge movie” follows the disaffected and promiscuous Erica (Amanda Fuller) as she sleeps with a series of nameless men, until she is befriended by Nate (Noah Taylor), an ex-Iraq war veteran with a sociopathic streak. Nate, unusually, seems interested in Erica for more than just sex – but when one of her previous partners, hard-rocking mamma’s boy Franki (Marc Senter) resurfaces, Erica’s actions come back to haunt her, leading to a terrifying climax which has shocked audiences worldwide.

Red White & Blue is a Rumleyvision Production In association with Fidelity Films and Fantastic Fest, written & directed by Simon Rumley, produced by Simon Rumley & Bob Portal and executive produced by Tim League, Judy Lipsey, Doug Abbott, and Adam Goldworm. Starring Amanda Fuller, Noah Taylor & Marc Senter.

A new ‘adult’ trailer has been cut especially so check it out below:

Red White & Blue 18 Trailer from Trinity film on Vimeo.


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