Saw 3D makeover and Thorpe Park offer

saw 3d poster I was summoned to a high class location in London’s Soho to take part in a bit of fun that Lions Gates Films had organised in preparation for the biggest, most hotly anticipated horror movie of the year – Saw 3D.

The idea of the meeting to have civilised tea, sandwiches and cakes before being left bloodied and mortally wounded by… a make-up person.
Yes, thankfully, Jigsaw wasn’t there to test us all. Instead we were treated to a high class special effects make-over.

The Make-Under

This was more like it. Instead of painted nails and facemasks, we were gored and gouged in ways that only a sadastic and not in any way squeemish make-up artist could imagine. Getting inspiration from ‘hospital injuries magazines’ the two highly skilled make-up artists informed me that there’s nothing more that they like than putting pins in peoples fake flesh. Sort of worrying.

Saw 3D Movie

This of course is pretty tame compared to the trials that the unlucky participants are put through in the latest and last Saw 3D film.
It’s the first theatrical feature to be shot exclusively on the cutting-edge SI-3D digital camera system. SAW 3D brings the horrifying games of Jigsaw to life like never before, psychologically testing the viewer as Jigsaw does his victims.
So if you didn’t feel that Saw was graphic enough before (like you would) now you’re going to see whole new twisted dimensions.

Will you be able to take it?

After my encounter with the make-up artists, I’m not entirely sure that I’m even cut out for it all. Just removing all that gore was a pretty horrifying experience.
Great fun all the same though.

And the Thorpe Park offer?

Oh yeah! And in addition to being great about providing me with a nice lunch Lions Gate Films are also offering something great to you guys out there.

As you probably know, there are two great Saw inspired rides at Thorpe Park. So, to celebrate the release of the final film Thorpe Park and Lions Gate are offering:

2 x Fast Track passes and a 2 for 1 voucher at Thorpe Park.

To see the offer, visit the following site, using the code 940102:

Saw 3D is out in cinemas accross the UK on October 28th.


Tom Atkinson

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