Horror Movies Going Mobile

There are certain themes and tropes mobile horror filmsthat horror movies always seem to fall back on. Be it zombies, the mystifying world of twins, alternate realities, or ghosts haunting abandoned places.
And these themes have always proven popular choices for horror filmmakers.

Another recurring theme, which we have seen come to life most recently, is the rapid growth and adaptation of technology. From films like Smiley and Unfriended, we’ve seen how filmmakers have begun to make use of social media and our behavior on these websites and apps as a main component of their movies. Now, it seems, with the evolution of the mobile phone, we might see that a new type of horror movie come into creation.

There’s no denying that we now spend more time on our smartphones, and research has even revealed that some spend more time with their phones than they do their partners.
Our relationships with our phones have evolved to the point that many can’t even imagine leaving home without their phones, and these little accessories that we once used for convenient communication have evolved to become necessary tools that we use in our day-to-day lives. It’s this growing need to be connected to and through our phones that could serve as the backbone of new horror movies, as our relationship with technology has already inspired several successful films.

horror smartphone

Many still remember One Missed Call, but this movie was merely touching upon the potential of mobile phones in horror movies.
Veering away from the trope of advanced technology turning sentient, it’s easy to imagine that many future movies will make full use of the fact that the mobile phone is the most versatile tool invented. The smart phone has become the platform of choice for many developers, what with it fully supporting HTML5 (and a variety of different programming languages as well).
According to the company that developed Spin Genie’s Slingo Riches game, “Games account for over 50% of smartphone app usage; and half of Facebook users go to the site specifically to play games,” and these mobile games could serve as a good backdrop for a new horror movie.

The beauty of mobile phone games is that the possibilities are endless. Imagine something along the lines of the Silent Hill‘s playable teaser, or something that uses the concept of the video from The Ring, where each player gets cursed and must then find someone else to play the game in order to be saved.
There are so many different ways to use smartphones and mobile gaming in horror movies, and we’ll undoubtedly soon see more and more filmmakers making it happen.


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