imagesLONDONERS WERE INVITED TO FEAST ON ALIENS, tackling the task of EATING ‘TREATS’ SUCH AS ESPHENI LIMBS AND THE MUCUS EYEBALLS OF SKITTERS, in celebration of the final series of Falling Skies which premieres in the UK on Tuesday 30th June at 9pm First on FOX, just two days after the U.S. The event was held at an extreme experiential diner hosting on an urban landscape in the middl22e of Old Street roundabout in East London, AMONGST THE ACTUAL ALIENS FROM THE HIT SHOW.

On Tuesday 23rd June this extraterrestrial feast was brought to the masses by culinary renegade Jim Thomlinson of London Mess and infamous creative Miss Cakehead (Messhead) – the team behind the infamous Human Flesh Burgers that launched series 5 part B of The Walking Dead on FOX and other globally known pop up foodie ventures such as Fry Hard – this was a dining experience like no other.

Stephen Spielberg’s sci-fi epic Falling Skies began six months after a devastating alien invasion had reduced humanity to tatters. Former history professor Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) and Captain (later Colonel) Dan Weaver lead a band of survivors called the 2nd Mass across Massachusetts as they faced daily struggles and battles with the alien invaders and human foes alike.

230615_FSFPM-94 230615_FSFPM-126

As the fifth and final season opens, all breed of beast and mutant are running rampant on earth. After four years of being imprisoned and mutated and having their loved one stolen from them, Tom and the 2nd Mass are filled with rage, ready to destroy the enemy in an all-out battle to determine the fate of the Earth.

230615_FSFPM-132In line with the scavenging seen in the show food will be served on ‘used looking’ cardboard and old packaging instead of plates, with side offerings in old ammunition boxes and other dark touches in line with the post apocalyptic landscape in which the series is set. As to be expected when you cook any alien species the BBQ’s will be pumping out coloured smoke as they cook these mysterious creatures.

Flown in from the U.S., and on display at the event where actual aliens used in filming from the series, including Scorch, an Overlord, who stands at an impressive 3m tall and took two and a half months to build. Fans of the series also got up close to a Skitter, a Harness and Cochise, a member of the Volm and an ally to the humans.

As with all Messhead events food artistry is used to visually transform delicious seafood into aliens in a feast that delighted the taste buds and disturbed the senses. Dark grey coloured 50cm long King Crab legs representing the Espheni alien race, giant 12 Inch long prawns represented the Harnesses – with many more surprises besides. Nestled in a cobbled together poly tunnel where hundreds of oysters – the mucus eyeballs of the Skitters – served with luminous green chili accompaniment. Accompaniments such as Szechuan butter and preserved lemon curd where also served alongside. Who says aliens can’t be delicious!

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Check out the full menu below and some pictures by Chris Coulson from the event too –

Falling Skies Feast – The Menufgf

VOLM VENOM (as used to kill Scorch in S4)
Black Champagne

Soft Drinks
Traditional cockles & whelks

BBQ soy and garlic marinated whole squid

Irish rock Oysters, hot green chilli sauce and black olive paste

XL black tiger Prawn with Szechuan pepper Butter

Razor clams with a cucumber and wasabi relish190615_FALLINGSKIES_TEST_CC

Whole crabs, cuttlefish, and octopus cooked in front of guest’s eyes on ‘egg’ barbeques

Crab legs

Squid floss

All served with an earthly accompaniment of:

Grilled corn, fries, black quinoa, sweet potato wedges, avocado mousse, chopped Asian style salad


Made live in front of the guests… ready to devour there and then, before anyone else does!!!230615_FSFPM-154

• Dried cereal, oat, corn, peaches and other scavenged tinned goods
• Edible bullets
• Apple cores (cakes)
• Turf
• Citrus rinds
• Edible ‘glass’
• Black Hornet Brains (lychees) (this is a slightly smaller alien species so will work)

230615_FSFPM-58 230615_FSFPM-53 230615_FSFPM-51 230615_FSFPM-46 230615_FSFPM-41 230615_FSFPM-23 1111


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