Interview with Jessica Cameron Director & Star of Truth or Dare

Jessica Cameron is a woman of many talents. Jessica cameron interviewStarting out in the world of work with a fashion degree, she became a stylist for television before moving into acting. And not being content with just performing in front of the lens, she soon moved behind it, both directing and producing.

Last year’s Frightfest saw Jessica’s biggest achievement yet – Truth or Dare – arrive on British ground and the film left the crowds baying for more.

We caught up with Jessica to talk about her exciting career so far and find out more about what makes her tick.

Jessica Cameron Interview

Love Horror: Your film is set to appear at the premiere British Horror movie film festival, Frightfest. To the uneducated, what can the audiences expect from Truth or Dare?

Jessica Cameron: One hell of a fun, torturous, mind fuck of a roller coaster ride : )
There’s also an underlying commentary on today’s society specifically relating to the rise and fall of internet celebrities.

What were your key components in making a truly gripping and terrifying film?

I think fast pacing, excellent FX, powerful sound design, and one hell of a great script! Of course you need great actors to put it all together!

Jessica cameron truth or dare

What was the hardest thing about making your excellent horror idea a reality?

It was hard for me to get people to take me seriously since I was a scream queen with this extreme graphic torture film idea. Many people were like, you are going to do what?!?!?! How are you doing to do that?!?!?! But you CAN’T do THAT?!?!?!
And then I did : )

How does a horror actress make her dreams of producing her own full length feature materialize?

It took a lot of hard work and finding the right people who believed in me and shared my vision. And then even more hard work!

What is the single most influential horror movie moment that led you on the path to horror success?

Watching Dead Hooker in a Trunk by the Soska Sisters. I knew if they could make their film when no one believed in them, with virtually no money then so could I. The film is great and so well done, it’s a shining example of what you can do when you have minimal resources and lots of passion, dedication and intelligence!

You can read our review of Jessica’s film, Truth or Dare here:
Truth or Dare


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