Alexandra Roach Trap for Cinderella On Set Interview

23123Trap for Cinderella is out on the 4th of November and below Alexandra Roach talks about the movie, her role, her fellow cast mate Kerry Fox and working with director Iain Softley.

On her character ‘Do’:

Alexandra Roach: I play Do and we first meet her in the bank where she works in London as a 23 year old. She just bumps into Micky (played by Tuppence Middleton) and they haven’t seen each for 10 years. So that’s where we pick the story up from. From them trying to find each other out again, start that friendship and then that takes us to the south of France, thank God, and yeah, where that story develops from there is just their friendship and then it becomes really…

On playing meaty roles like this:

Alexandra Roach: Parts keep on coming that I do find really interesting – getting into another person’s head and the decisions in the past that they choose. Playing strong characters really interests me. I’m never interested in playing weak women, and I’ve been just blessed and lucky to keep on having strong roles. Maybe they are easily led, but why they make those decisions interests me.

On why she picked this role:trap_for_cinderella

Alexandra Roach: I’ve played a couple of real life people and with this it was playtime for me as an actress to go back and see does she makes these decisions as an adult. Is it because of something that’s happened to her in the past? Is that why she has these weak spots in her? That did really interest me when I read it.

On the two leading female characters:

Alexandra Roach: The fact that there’s two leading ladies in this rich story very rarely happens. This is about a female relationship, and I don’t think we see enough of that on the screen. I find that really interesting, the relationship between women.

On Kerry Fox’s character Julia:

Alexandra Roach: Kerry’s character really sees which buttons to press with Do. I would say she’s the catalyst because she knows exactly what buttons to press and she manipulates Do. I think that’s when the story really takes a turn for the worse. But that’s always inside my character, she just needed that as a catalyst.


On working with director Iain Softley:

Alexandra Roach: It’s his baby and he’s been working on this for years and years. So there’s that responsibility when I took the part. I knew that he has a lot of passion for this and, for myself and Tuppence, coming in to that we have to bring our own things to it and our own choices. Iain really appreciates that because he’s been working on it for such a long time and we’re coming in, reading it, and maybe bringing something fresh and new ideas. He seems really grateful for that and we meet halfway. He helped, because he knows everything about this, everything about everything.

Lionsgate UK releases Trap for Cinderella on Blu-ray and DVD 4th November


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