Help save a mans life on All2Gether

Have you seen the Brit horror Panic Button yet? Well perhaps you should.

Not only is it an entertaining film, but viewing it might just save a man’s life and win you some prizes (although of course, saving a man’s life is far more important).

Panic Button

@AlligatorKiller (the villain from the film) has kidnapped the All2gethr Head of Communications and he will meet a sticky end unless enough All2gethr users take part in his game. @AlligatorKiller will be releasing 4 tasks via YouTube videos over the next few weeks. The first can be viewed on the All2gethr homepage now.

All2gethr will be giving away an iPad2 with uniquely branded skin to the player who completes all the tasks and uncovers Mr. Stone’s whereabouts. 30 participants will also be offered an exclusive All2gethr merchandise pack, which includes exclusive signed goodies from new UK horror movie – Panic Button.

Check our the first video here:


PR monster

He literally eats, sleeps and excretes horror news.

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