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Celluloid Screams

Celluloid Screams Sheffield Horror Film Festival is back bringing horror fans a mix of new releases, gory shorts and stone cold classics including Re-Animator, Dust Devil and Halloween. Returning to the Showroom Cinema for another spine-tingling, blood-curdling weekend of horror films, Friday 21 – Sunday 23 October 2011 this is one fright fest you do not want to miss out on.

The 2011 edition of the festival will include the usual blend of brand new horror from around the world, including several UK Premieres, along with horror classics and short films from the fearmakers of the future. Plus, very special guests!

See below for details of the full line-up of features, shorts and special guests for this year’s festival.
Weekend Festival Passes are now on sale and can be purchased Here.


Opening Gala: INBRED with the cast of Inbred – Jo Hartley, Paddy Doherty, Seamus O’Neill, Terry Haywood, Chris Waller, Nadine Mulkerrin & James Burrows – and Line Producer Rob Speranza in person.
Director: Alex Chandon | UK | 2011 | 95 mins
From director Alex Chandon comes Inbred, a deliriously un-PC gorefest that adds a warped new dimension to the notion of Northern hospitality. Four young offenders and their care workers embark upon a weekend of community service and after a minor run-in with some of the local youths, they run afoul of the Mortlake locals’ “unique” customs and traditions, and pretty soon they’re running for their lives.

THE THEATRE BIZARRE with director Richard Stanley and co-writer Scarlett Amaris in person.
Directors: Richard Stanley, Tom Savini, Douglas Buck, Karim Hussain, Buddy Giovinazzo, Jeremy Kasten, David Gregory | USA/France | 2011 | 108 mins
The spirit of the Grand Guignol Theatre is alive and well in THE THEATRE BIZARRE… A young woman creeps into a seemingly-abandoned theatre in her neighborhood at night and encounters a creepy human puppet (played by genre veteran Udo Kier) who takes her on a journey through six tales of the bizarre and the fantastic.

Director: Andreas Marschall | Germany | 2010 | 84 mins | Subtitled
Strange and dark forces are at work at the Mateusz Gdula acting school in Andreas Marschall’s visually striking German giallo.

Director: Noboru Iguchi | Japan | 2011 | 85 mins | Subtitled
Hell hath no fury like a vengeful Japanese schoolgirl with multiple heads – welcome to the bizarre world of Tomie: Unlimited…

Celluloid Screams

Director: Adrián García Bogliano | Argentina | 2010 | 80 mins | Subtitled
When Roman’s girlfriend disappears, he enlists the help of their friend Ali to find her. After searching her online history they trace her back to an old stately home in the centre of Buenos Aires, but they soon regret setting foot in the house when they discover it is home to two geriatric former-members of the Triple-A, one of Argentina’s most notorious death squads in the 1970s.

Director: Yoshihiro Nishimura | Japan | 2010 | 106mins | Subtitled
From the mind of director Yoshihiro Nishimura, the man behind Tokyo Gore Police and Vampire Girl Vs Frankenstein Girl comes Helldriver, his most ambitious and deranged gorefest to date.

Director: Sean Branney | USA | 2011 | 103 mins
When he receives a letter from a terrified farmer describing sightings of mysterious hoof-prints surrounding his farmhouse, Miskatonic University Professor and sceptic Albert Wilmarth journeys to Vermont to investigate and uncovers an otherworldly secret that threatens to shatter his sanity.

HAROLD’S GOING STIFF with director Keith Wright, Producer Richard Guy and cast members Stan Hope and Sarah Spencer in person.
Director: Keith Wright | UK | 2010 | 77 mins
Filmed entirely on location in and around Penistone, South Yorkshire, Harold’s Going Stiff is a refreshingly original take on the zombie genre that is both touching and very funny.

Director: TBC | Country TBC | Year TBC | Running Time TBC
The Secret Film is now an annual tradition at Celluloid Screams, and this year we’ve made it all the more exciting by making you wait until the very end of the festival to find out what’s in store. Ever since we screened the UK Premiere of Paranormal Activity as our first secret screening in 2009, we’ve enjoyed handpicking a film that we think will make for the perfect mystery screening. Have we succeeded once again in 2011? You’ll just have to wait and see, but trust us, it’ll be worth the wait…

Director: Jack Perez | USA | 2011 | 97 mins
Ken Boyd, a lonely man fresh out of a mental institution, has returned to his small hometown, where he works at the ice cream parlor and lives with his overbearing mother, Ruth. When not scooping ice cream for his bully of a boss or dealing with his mom’s incessant insults, Ken spends his time either drawing, or trying to kill each of the guys he deems responsible for his miserable life.

Celluloid Screams
Dust Devil

DUST DEVIL with Richard Stanley in attendance
Director: Richard Stanley | UK | 1993 | 107 mins
To celebrate Richard Stanley’s attendance as guest of honour at this year’s festival, we proudly present a rare screening of Dust Devil, his second feature film.

VAMPYRES plus A very special live music performance by three sexy vampire ladies with synthesisers before the show!
Director: José Ramón Larraz | UK | 1975 | 87 mins
Fran and Miriam, two alluring young women roam the English countryside in search of unsuspecting victims to feed their insatiable bloodlust. When a young couple unwittingly falls into the vampires’ trap, they find themselves embroiled in a nightmare vortex of sex, violence and forbidden desires.

Director: Stuart Gordon | USA | 1985 | 86 mins
Famously censored in the UK because of “that scene” (if you haven’t seen it, we won’t spoil the surprise!), we are delighted to bring this demented vision of science-gone-mad back to the big screen at Celluloid Screams in its full uncut version.

Director: John Carpenter | USA | 1978 | 91 mins
Join us as we return to Haddonfield and reacquaint ourselves with a bona fide horror classic…

Celluloid Screams


Director: Nash Edgerton | Australia | 2011 | 11 mins
In this sequel to Spider (also screening at Celluloid Screams 2011), Jack has a new girlfriend, but hasn’t quite learnt his lesson…

Director: William Price | UK | 2010 | 15 mins
At the end of a long day, five children look to fill in the remaining hours of sunlight before they return home by exploring an old decaying building with a dark secret. A cursory tale that reminds us why we should be afraid of the dark…

Director: Todd Cobery | USA | 2011 | 20 mins
A twisted and surreal tale of one man’s grief following the death of his child.

Director: Ashley Thorpe | UK | 2009 | 12 mins
Dartmoor: the dead of night… 953sq kilometres of desolate moorland…1000 ghosts…and a fugitive racing a haunted road to meet one.

Director: Matthew Garrett | USA | 2010 | 11 mins
An eruption of brutal violence shatters one family’s tranquil morning in this sickening twist on the ‘killer child’ sub-genre.

Director: Florian Puchert | Germany | 2011 | 15 mins
When charlatan Paul pretends to exorcise a ghost from an old Bavarian farmhouse, he encounters the impossible – an actual supernatural presence. In his attempt to save this seemingly poor, lost soul he unleashes the vengeful spirit of a fire starter.

Director: Olivier Beguin | Switzerland | 2011 | 18 mins
Stéphanie assists the unemployed in finding work, but when the jobseekers in question turn out to be mythological creatures, finding them a suitable job may be a little problematic.

Celluloid Screams
Brutal Relax


Director: Jimmy Weber | USA | 2011 | 7 mins
A young man wakes up in a bathtub full of ice in a dingy motel room only to discover his problems have only just begun. You’ve heard the urban legend…this is worse.

Director: Raul Cerezo | Spain | 2011 | 13 mins
In this virtually dialogue-free short film, a young boy begins to face the distinction between good and evil on the occasion of his eighth birthday.


Director: Sebastian Marka | Germany | 2010 | 19 mins
An overambitious reporter questions a serial killer in a tense face-to-face session.

Director: Kire Paputts | Canada | 2010 | 16 mins
Larry works for Animal Services. His job is picking up road kill along the highway; his hobby is taxidermy.

Director: Nash Edgerton | Australia | 2007 | 9 mins
Jack and Jill are always hurting each other’s feelings. But like Mum said, “It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.”

Director: Fabrice Blin | France | 2010 | 17 mins
Marie lives alone with her son Alex in a remote house deep in the forest. She cures David, a fugitive man, injured and with no memory. David’s health miraculously gets better in only a couple of days…

Director: Adrián Cardona, Rafa Dengrá & David Muñoz | Spain | 2011 | 15 mins
Mr. Olivares has already recovered, but now he needs a vacation. To go to some heavenly place where he can relax and blithely enjoy himself.

Watch the site for more info and remember Weekend Festival Passes are now on sale and can be purchased Here.


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