Grimm Up North 3 2011 – The Full Line Up

Grimm Up North
Promising to be bigger, better and Grimmer than any year before Grimm Up North 3 has announced the full line up of films on offer and it is a wickedly wonderful list.
Grimm Up North

As well as nerve-tingling thriller Retreat with Thandie Newton (Crash, RocknRolla), Cillian Murphy (Inception, 28 Days Later) and Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot, Jumper) as the Opening Night film, the festival is also hosting over 17 movies including The Divide, a post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller starring Michael Biehn (Aliens) and Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes), Classic hit The Dead Zone with Christopher Walken and the absolutely mad tongue-in-cheek Some Guy Who Kills People, produced by John Landis and starring the UK’s Lucy Davis (The Office).

Below is the full list and details and for more info or to buy tickets visit Grimm’s site right Here. If you miss this, there’ll be hell to pay.

Thursday October 6th

The Bastard Love Child Of… Straw Dogs and The Hide
Following a personal tragedy, Kate (Newton) and Martin (Murphy) try to repair their increasingly strained relationship by revisiting the remote island cottage where they were once happy. But this island retreat proves more isolated than expected.
The generator shorts out, radio signals prove increasingly erratic and the cracks in the couple’s relationship start to grow ever worse. Then one day an injured soldier (Bell) is washed ashore, claiming a lethal airborne virus is devastating the outside world and that they must barricade themselves in the cottage if they wish to survive. But is he telling the truth…

Grimm Up North

Friday October 7th

David Cronenberg does Stephen King! When he awakes from a five-year coma following a car accident, Johnny (Walken) discovers he has developed psychic abilities that allow him to see into the future. Having lost the woman he loves (and his job) during his time away from the world, he’s struggling to cope and tries to get on with his life. Unfortunately, when he bumps into a young and determined politician, he sees a future President of the United States who’s actions will destroy mankind.

Grimm Up North
Adam Chaplin

Anxious to explore the mysterious hidden world under metropolitan Berlin, an international group young urban explorers hire a local guide to leads them into the city’s maze of escape tunnels and subterranean fortifications. When their guide has an accident, two of the girls set off to seek help while Denis (Eversman), a young American, stays behind with his girlfriend Lucia (Nathalie Kelley). Soon, a former East German border guard named Armin (Stiglmeier) appears from nowhere and – out of sheer desperation – the pair must trust him to lead them and their unconscious guide to safety. However, it isn’t long before they realise they’ve made a very grave mistake.

Music and screen Icon Martin Kemp makes his directorial debut with this gothic psychological shocker – premiering at Grimm Up North. A successful woman writer (Brecon) goes away to a country estate to work on her ‘difficult’ second novel having suffered a nervous breakdown. When her publishers begin to worry about her productivity and frame of mind, she is joined there by a mysterious young woman (Jane March), who claims to have been sent as a PA. But the woman is not all she seems, and her malign influence extends far beyond the writing of the novel.

A middle class Spanish family move into their new home, unaware that they are about to be the target for a gang of ruthless career criminals who know exactly how to apply pressure to get what they want…

When his wife is brutally murdered by depraved gangsters, implacable bad ass Adam Chaplin enlists dark and demonic forces in order to avenge her. The corrupt and fallen city of Heaven Valley won’t know what hit it… brutally and repeatedly… in the face.

Saturday October 8th

The Future. In an over-populated city ruled over by a sinister totalitarian leadership, people are forced to live in shifts – some by day, some by night. A synthetic enzyme in their bodies prevents them from ever changing their shift – and if they do so, they die. Families do not exist – children are assigned the opposite shift to their natural parents. The state is all. Then one woman doctor makes a bid for freedom and family…

Grimm Up North
Halloween 3 Season of the Witch

An underrated holiday classic on the big screen! Having brought the original John Carpenter classic to Grimm Up North twice now, as well as screening Stefan Hutchinson’s fantastic documentary Halloween: 25 Years of Terror to delighted fans, we thought it was about time to show some love to the cinematic oddity that is the third installment in this series.

Ken Boyd (Corrigan) has spent the last few years in an asylum, following a nervous breakdown caused by high school bullying. Now, at last, he’s out … working at an ice cream parlour by day and living with his overbearing and unsupportive mother (Karen Black) by night. When his young daughter appears almost out nowhere, Ken finds a reason to focus on rebuilding his troubled life – and even manages to find a beautiful woman (Davis) to spend his time with. Unfortunately, the jocks and bullies who caused his breakdown are still out there, mean and macho as ever. Somebody needs to make them pay. In blood.

A visceral and sure-to-be-controversial exploration of the true meaning of ‘family values’ – which arrives up north already trailing clouds of moral outrage! The ‘Woman’ of the title (Pollyanna McIntosh) is the last surviving member of a feral tribe of backwoods cannibals. Captured by a middle class family, who plan to civilise her, she bears mute witness to the bestial desires that lie beneath their polite veneer. And before long it starts to become clear exactly who the real animals are…

Fresh from seminary school, a new Reverend is assigned his first parish – a small Chapel in a seemingly idyllic country village… but appearances can be deceptive. Something very sinister is lurking beneath the smooth façade of a local businessman and then, one rainy night, a mysterious girl visits the reverend at the chapel. He offers shelter and sanctuary, but she proves to have other needs. Waking the next morning with an unknown, uncontrollable thirst and bite marks on his neck, the confused Reverend embarks on his vocation to clean up the village – by preaching or by feasting…

Grimm Up North
Some Guy Who Kills People

Josie Ho’s 852 Films follow up Pang Ho Cheung’s wonderfully gruesome Dream Home which we screened last year. Police are investigating a serial killer who brutally targets officer’s pregnant wives. At the scene of another murder, undercover detectives Jeff and Kwok Wah (Ching Siu Ho, Tony Ho) trap a suspect, Chan Kit (Mak), and bring him in. Chan Kit is brutally interrogated but is eventually released without charge. Using flashbacks we gradually discover how Chan Kit and his teenage lover, Wing (Siu-hou Chin) are inextricably linked to the undercover policeman. Chan Kit has silently endured great pain but how far will he now go to avenge his unconditional love for Wing.

We love this movie and if you don’t believe us read the full review Here. Slacker dude Mike Kellerman (McKiddy) wakes up to discover that he’s been dead for two years and is now a zombie. The last thing he remembers, he was going to ask his girlfriend to marry him. Encouraged by fellow undead dude, Brent (Kidder), he determines to go ahead with the plan, and see if love really is stronger than death. The only problem is, Mike and Brent aren’t the only zombies out there – and the rest are of the more traditional mindless, flesh-eating variety. If that wasn’t bad enough, there’s also a team of mercenaries out there determined to wipe out this spate of undead activity before it develops into a plague…

Sunday October 9th

Following a series of floods in rural Vermont, the bodies of grotesque creatures are reportedly found floating in several rivers. The creatures match descriptions given in certain local myths and legends – but Miskatonic University Folklorist Albert Wilmarth is sceptical.That is, until he starts to receive a series of increasingly disturbing letters from Vermont farmer Henry Akeley that hint at a horrifying truth. He travels to Vermont to investigate further and uncovers a conspiracy that extends out into the furthest reaches of space and the darkest pits of hell.

Be one of the first to see the Ford Brothers brilliant debut feature before its imminent UK release on Blu-ray and DVD. Having gained a huge and deserved following over the last year via festival screenings, this is your chance to make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to see a future undead cult classic on the big screen where it belongs! A zombie plague has torn an unnamed African country apart. A stranded US military engineer, the last survivor of his company, is desperately trying to fight off the hordes of flesh-eating locals. When a local military deserter saves his life, an unlikely partnership is formed that sees them cross the tundra in a beaten up vehicle. The engineer needs a way back home to the US, while the deserter desperately searches for his lost son – all while trying to survive an ever-growing zombie holocaust.

Grimm Up North
The Whisperer In Darkness

A nuclear explosion devastates New York. A random collection of survivors fight their way down into the basement of their apartment building, where they find a makeshift fall-out shelter manned by a paranoid janitor (Biehn). But as food starts to dwindle and personal tensions escalate, it becomes clear the horror is only just beginning…

Young Enola Penny finds herself becoming strangely obsessed with a seemingly long-abandoned theatre in a run-down neighbourhood near where she lives. One night, she finds the front door of the theatre standing open. The invitation to explore is more than she can resist. And there, in the dark and seedy auditorium, she discovers a nightmarish freak show is about to begin…

Gospel Singer Beth (Nichol) and and her cowboy boyfriend Steve – a pair of idealistic, young ‘true-love-waits’ Christians – leave their Texas home to preach door-to-door in the Scottish Highlands. Unfortunately, the locals prove unresponsive to the word of God, so it’s a great relief when the pair arrive in Tressock, the border fiefdom of Sir Lachlan Morrison, where they are welcomed with open arms and great enthusiasm. Finally, they think, they’ve found some good Christian hospitality. They could not be more wrong.

Visit Grimm’s site right Here for tickets and more info.


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