No Strings 2: Playtime In Hell (2012) Review


No Strings 2: Playtime In Hell begins at the home of Mark’s girlfriend who receives a parcel for him, whilst he is away on “business”. She leaves it for him to open upon his return, but when she starts to hear strange noises coming from the box, curiosity gets the better of her and she opens it, to find the most hideous doll she has ever come face to face with.

Leaving a video diary for Mark sometime later, it appears that the doll has now disappeared! In every video diary she seems to be becoming more erratic until finally we see her meet her demise. As the video distorts we come face to face with her killer, the doll Larry!!!

Larry takes a trip a few doors down and enters the home of Diane, a lady forced to rent out her home to a group of gorgeous women who like to walk around the house barely clothed (Which I have no complaints about that’s for sure). Larry is found by one of the women, Jenny, who takes an instant shine to him. The feeling is mutual as Larry decides whilst she is asleep to “shine” all over her (nice)!


Detective Phillips arrives at Diane’s home apparently investigating the murders taking place on the street. She appears to know a lot more than she is letting on and Diane grills her to find out exactly what is happening. Meanwhile Larry causes chaos throughout the house and he continues his attacks on the girls, both physically and sexually. Does Larry get his comeuppance, or do the girls triumph in the face of adversity. As I’ve said many times before, you need to watch or purchase the DVD to find out!ssddf

No Strings 2 directed by Robert N. Gifford is very entertaining, in that you are taken on a trip back to the 1980s in both visual style, theme and music. The storyline is an interesting slant on the killer doll franchise and Larry is nothing like the dolls we encounter such as Chucky in Child’s Play or the dolls from Puppet Master. The director has taken the time to build up a story and an urban myth behind the creation of Larry and we are led to believe that there may be more than one killer doll carrying out sadistic, perverted acts across the world. Whilst that may not be disturbing to some, the fact is if that were true, would you consider leaving your favourite doll out on display near your bed at night? I don’t think I would!

I actually grew fond of Larry during the progression of the film and although Larry is one evil little fucker who gets a sadistic kick out of torturing, stabbing and playing with his victims, this actually made me laugh, as Larry has this little infectious child like chuckle he makes when performing all of his sordid acts. He has no morals and pleasures himself whilst watching his victims suffer. He also takes out his frustration on a cuddly monkey (I’m sure I saw smoke building up during their confrontation! That’s how fast he was at it!).


Although in reality Larry is only a puppet, he does genuinely creep you out and give you shivers during his scenes. The soundtrack to the film creates an eerie atmosphere, and full use is made of each room in the house, which adds variety. The acting in the film is good, and the cast are genuinely believable in their roles. If you look closely whilst watching the film you will see some cameos from rising stars on the U.K. horror scene too. There aren’t any extras on the DVD as I was sent a screener.


If I had to recommend this film to a buyer, it would be to one who likes their films to have an 80s vibe, a puppet, boobs, sexual gratification voyeurism and possess an attitude of escapism. We all know puppets can’t come to life and be inhabited by demons don’t we?

Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ½ ☆ 



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