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Mindwarp (1991) Review

In Rodney Ascher’s brilliant and mind blowing new documentary A Glitch in the Matrix he delves deep into the theory of simulated reality, a concept that nothing in this world is real and our consciousnesses are all trapped in a computer simulation.Read More

0120: The Matrix Revolutions

Almost a year after we watched The Matrix we bite the bullet (time) and finish the trilogy with Revolutions. Is this film as bad as we all remember? Does it make any more sense than it did at the time? I mean I think you already know the answer, but let us tell you why!Read More

Skyline (2010) Review

Aliens have been invading our cinema screens since the 1950’s. The swell of popularity in science fiction surged into cinemas with movies like The Day the Earth Stood Still and The War of the Worlds capturing peoples awe and attention, entertaining and alarming them in equal measures.Read More

Cargo (2009) Review

2267 and the earth is uninhabitable due to inevitable ecological collapse. The people left alive eke out an unjoyous overcrowded existence on space stations orbiting the pitiful planet.Read More