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The Driller Killer (1979) Review

Famous for making the Video Nasties list of banned movies Abel Ferrara’s 1979 directorial debut feature (under his own name that is, he made an erotic movie as Jimmy Boy L) was not seen in the UK between 1984 and 1999 and then it was only in 2002 that a full uncut version was available.Read More

Obsession (1976) Review

The legend that is Alfred Hitchcock has inspired many moviemakers over the years. From slight stylistic nods like the dolly zoom in Jaws to outright ridiculous remakes such as Gus Van Sant’s atrocious 1998 Psycho, Hitchcock’s echo can be seen and felt across cinema right up to the present day.Read More

A preview of The Horror Channel’s CRUEL BRITANNIA

The Cutting Edge of British Horror April 8th till the 29th The Horror Channel celebrates the best of contemporary British horror with a special season of UK TV premieres which showcases some of the finest home-grown directorial talent around. Kick-starting the season on Friday 8th April is the UK TV premiere of Steven Sheil’s debut […]Read More