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Strange But True – 28 Days Late

Pregnancy is a fearful nine months for any expectant parents… and horror thriller fans! In the absorbing and intense new film Strange But True, Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood star Margaret Qualley plays a young woman, who, five years after the tragic death of her boyfriend, arrives on the doorstep of his family to […]Read More

The Hole In The Ground – Parenting In Horror Movies

The Hole in the Ground arrives in cinemas this week – the latest horror to explore the terrifying realities of raising children. The stress, the lack of sleep, and the anxiety of bringing up these little monsters to be well-rounded human beings. Which is all the more complicated if they turn out to be actual […]Read More

The Fury (1978) Review

A tale of murder, abduction, espionage and psychic powers Brain De Palma’s The Fury is a brilliant blend of spy thriller and supernatural horror which delivers action and fear in equal measures in telling the story of two teenagers whose lives are doomed to entwine.Read More