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Possessor (2020) Review

Often times Christopher Nolan is referred to as the king of cerebral Sci-Fi but I for one would wholeheartedly disagree. His mega budget movies featuring all star casts hinge on high concept ideas that seemingly baffle and befuddle the audience’s minds. However time and time again from Interstellar to Tenet, Nolan has proven to be […]Read More

The Fanatic and John Travolta’s Best Performances

Screen legend John Travolta remains one of Hollywood’s most iconic and best loved stars. With an immense filmography to his name, spanning everything from action, comedy, musicals, horror, sci-fi and drama, there are far too many memorable Travolta movies to list, but most people have their favourite.Read More

Nicolas Cage’s Most Intense Scenes

Whether he’s in full-throttle action mode or delivering the drama, Nicolas Cage is an actor known for bringing an unrivalled intensity to his roles. His latest feature Looking Glass is no different, mixing thriller and action elements and serving up plenty of classic Cage.Read More