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What is the scariest thing about horror films? Some may say the eerie mansion in which paranormal activities take place. Others may say the crazed masked murderer chasing down their terrified victims, but for most horror fans, it is the seemingly cute child who turns into a creepy sociopath that is the most terrifying.Read More

The Hole In The Ground – Parenting In Horror Movies

The Hole in the Ground arrives in cinemas this week – the latest horror to explore the terrifying realities of raising children. The stress, the lack of sleep, and the anxiety of bringing up these little monsters to be well-rounded human beings. Which is all the more complicated if they turn out to be actual […]Read More

Pet (2016) Review

FrightFest 2016 had its highs and lows but by far the film that stayed with me well after the fantastic festival ended and right up until now was Pet. Directed by Spaniard Carles Torrens and penned by The Exorcist TV series creator Jeremy Slater it is a mind blowing horror featuring a pair of pitch […]Read More