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The Woman in Black (2012) Review

From a novel, to a stage play, to a TV movie the story of The Woman in Black is as enduring as it is effecting; as timeless as it is terrifying; and the latest adaptation which darkens our cinema screens does not disappoint.Read More

F (2010) Review

Hoodies. The word alone strikes fear into the hearts of the modern masses. As a buzz word for bullying bunches of anti-social anarchists roaming our streets like packs of wild animals armed with knives instead of claws.Read More

The Echo Lake Shoot Starts

Filmmaker Jonathan Moody who’s works include the horror webseries Scream Queen Campfire and the Horror anthology Trick or Eat has created a new horror webseries being planned for April 12th 2011 called Echo Lake.Read More

Eden Lake (2008) Review

Has the world gone mad? Did I really watch the same film that Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian called ‘the best British horror film in years: nasty, scary and tight as a drum’? Do you ever watch a film and wonder if the version you saw was the same as the one everyone else saw? […]Read More