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Possessor (2020) Review

Often times Christopher Nolan is referred to as the king of cerebral Sci-Fi but I for one would wholeheartedly disagree. His mega budget movies featuring all star casts hinge on high concept ideas that seemingly baffle and befuddle the audience’s minds. However time and time again from Interstellar to Tenet, Nolan has proven to be […]Read More

Trailer for Christopher Nolan 4K Ultra HD 7 Disc Collection

With Christopher Nolan’s 4K Ultra HD Seven Disc Collection now available to own for the first time, we have a great trailer available which showcases the featured films “The Dark Knight Trilogy”, “Inception,” “Dunkirk”, The Prestige” and “Interstellar”, brought to you by Warner Bros.Read More

Gotham: The Complete Third Season (2017) Review

I love Gotham but it wasn’t always that way. The DC series that takes us back before Bruce Wayne donned his mask premiered in 2014 and at first I wasn’t completely sure about its vision. The issues I had were two fold the first being what is a Batman series without Batman. The second was […]Read More