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Death of Me (2020) Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers* Maggie Q just loves island set horror films. She loves them so much that she has had 2 come out in 2020. Yes thats right while the rest of us have been suffering lockdown she has been jetting around the globe visiting various idyllic isles just to have the wits scared out […]Read More

The Neighbor (2016) Review

The killer combination of talented horror writer and director Marcus Dunstan and the sensational acting skills of Josh Stewart returns with The Neighbor the pair’s third feature together after the crazy and creative The Collector and its equally amazing sequel The Collection.Read More

Starry Eyes (2014) Review

Hollywood is a hard world that chews you up and spits you out unless you’re prepared to sell your soul for fame and Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer the writer and directors of Starry Eyes have decided to make a horror that shows this process first hand.Read More