ALYCE Released on DVD and Download 30th April

Get under the skin of a psychopath with the dark, gritty, psychological horror ALYCE.

Life takes a downward spiral for Alyce after a night of partying goes terribly wrong and her best friend is knocked off the roof of an apartment building.

Panicked and racked with guilt, she lies to the police about her involvement. Shortly after she is confronted with the news that her friend miraculously survived the fall, but she is terribly injured and is unable to speak. Realising she can’t hide the truth about what happened forever and unable to deal with her own guilt, she begins to unravel; losing sleep, losing her job and eventually her sanity.

Until, that is, Alyce decides to take control of the situation. She realises that there is really only one way to make sure her secret is kept. But will she be able to stop at just one murder?

Look out for more info on ALYCE soon and check out the trailer below:


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