Dying Breed Competition.


Fancy the chance to win one of three copies of Australian shocker Dying Breed?
Well, the nice people at DNC Entertainment are giving you that opportunity.

One of the creepiest Australian horrors in years, Dying Breed is a chilling and unique blend of Deliverance, Wolf Creek and Ravenous with its dark atmosphere and high end, very disturbing mayhem.

Dying Breed will be released on DVD and Blu-ray courtesy of DNC Entertainment on 28 September 2009.
Zoology student Nina, claims she can prove that the ancient species known as the Tasmanian Tiger is still alive and breeding. Driving her quest is one critical piece of proof – a paw print taken by her sister just before she met with a fatal accident eight years before.

But what Nina doesn’t know is how Tasmania became the world’s most dangerous island in 19th century when the murderous convict Alexander Pearce (aka The Pieman) broke out of prison only to eat his fellow escapees. Pearce was hung for cannibalism in 1824, but not before he had spawned a bloodline who inherited his taste for human flesh…

For your chance to win a copy of the DVD, answer the following question…



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