Exclusive new behind the scenes clip from THE DEAD

the dead The nightmare continues…

In this exclusive new episode on the set of the Ford Brother’s ‘The Dead’, Producer/Director Howard J Ford struggles to hold together the shoot in Africa with the added challenges of police corruption, sacrificial killings and the distinct possibility the production itself may have been cursed!

the dead

Howard says ‘It’s hard to explain how tough it was trying to keep the production going and keep spirits up when everything that could have gone wrong does, and everyone around you seems to be either sick or in danger of disease or death – some of the things we had to go through to bring this film to audiences I hope never has to be repeated by any living soul… We truly stared death in the face and it was,sometimes, a very dark and lonely place…’

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My buddy interns for the company that worked on the trailer of The Dead and brought home a copy for us to watch. I can say that this film is pretty sick. It takes the zombie film back from the over produced Hollywood reruns they keep turning out and restores it to its gritty independent origins that made hard core enthusiast out of cult audiences.
My buddy tells me that the film makers were robbed, kidnapped, caught in a civil war and contracted malaria while making it. The complete madness of the production seems to spill over into the film and adds a sense of complete chaos that could never be reproduced. The film is a definite must see for zombie buffs and horror fans.

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