The Walking Dead Season 3 – Episode 12 Clear Review

Have you ever thought that it might be nice to have a little break from the Woodbury vs Prison drama?
Well, that’s kind of what we get in episode 12.

With the prospect of a full on assault before them, Rick and co realise that they are ill equipped to contend with the firepower that The Woodbury grup is packing.
So Michonne accompanies Rick and Carl back to their home town in search of weapons. Why Michonne you might ask? Well, they’re a bit worried that leaving her and Merle alone together would be likely to end up with bloodshed.

The trio arrive at the town and notice that it seems to be occupied by someone. The street is covered with zombie traps and the places that Rick is expecting to hold weapons are all empty, as if someone has been stockpiling.

walking dead season 3 episode 12

As they approach the centre of the street, disregarding the warning messages daubed on the floors and walls a sniper opens fire from a rooftop, pinning them down.
After and exchange of fire, the sniper is lured into the open and at a critical moment Carl shoots the stranger, dropping him to the floor.

Luckily for the gunman, the bullet hits a bullet proof jacket, but as Rick removes the mask of this unknown man, he makes a shocking discovery. The gunman is none other than Morgan!
You remember Morgan right?
He’s the guy who (along with his son) took Rick into his home and nursed him to health all the way back in the first few episodes of season 1.
Rick offers this man a lot, so decides to hang around for him to regain consciousness while Michonne and Carl look for guns.

Michonne and Carl still aren’t sure what to think of each other. They would both prefer to be working alone and it’s clear that there’s a lack of trust, particularly on Carl’s part as they approach an old diner.

But when it emerges that Carl is in fact looking for something of sentimental value in his old town (as opposed to weapons) Michonne shows a willingness to help, and as they fight off a bunch of zombies together a bond is forged.

Back at Morgan’s place it’s pretty apparent that Morgan has been alone too long. It seems that he lost his son (if the mad writing on the walls are true) and when he finally wakes up, he attacks Rick, accusing him of wearing a dead man’s face.
After a bit of blood letting, the two calm down and Rick finally gets to explain why he wasn’t able to come back for Morgan and his boy. Devastatingly, it transpires that it was Morgan’s own wife (in zombie form) that killed his son, which kind of explains his mental state.
This is all delivered in a particularly excellent bit of acting by Lennie James (the guy that plays Morgan).

walking dead season 3 episode 12 Morgan
“We really like what you’ve done with the place”

After much discussion, Morgan makes it clear to Rick that he wants no part of the prison life, or the turf war that’s going on. instead he suggests that Rick and co should take what they need from the stash of guns and ammo and leave him well alone. And so Rick, Carl and Michonne get their things and move out while Morgan clears some zombie debris.
You can’t help but hope that one day we’ll see him again, possibly when Rick and co are in desperate need of another pair of hands or a sniper rifle.

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