Umbrage: The First Vampire Premieres on Horror Channel

UmbrageShowing on June 22 at 22:55 Umbrage: The First Vampire makes its first appearance on UK TV thanks to our blood sucking friends over at The Horror Channel.

Marking his feature film debut with this twisted cocktail of mythology, horror and vampiristic mayhem, Drew Cullingham’s dark fairytale stars Doug Bradley (of HELLRAISER fame) as Jacob, an unscrupulous antiques dealer who unwittingly unleashes supernatural forces beyond his comprehension.

A night of unmitigated terror lays ahead as Lilith, the mother all of vampires, (played by Natalia Celino) does battle with Phelan (Jonnie Hurn), an Irish gun-toting cowboy turned vampire. Trapped in the middle of this escalating gore war are Jacob, his wife and their wayward daughter, who has fallen under Phelan’s spell…

Cullingham says his about his movie: “The main birth of Umbrage was the cowboy-vampire figure, Phelan. I had for some time been carrying this character around in my head. Mashing horror and western together is not completely original, I know, but I just wanted to cross a cowboy with a vampire. Vampires can sometimes be a little effete, but add a gruff cowboy veneer to that and you have a whole different kettle of fish”.

Read our review Here and see the trailer below.The Horror Channel is on Sky 319 / Virgin 149 / Freesat 138 and you can see more Here.


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