Censoring Dracula

DraculaAs you may or may not know, the original 1958 Dracula is realesed on Blu-Ray and DVD on the 18th or March. It’s packed full of extras and Hammer have created this brilliant 10 minute featurette entitled ‘Censoring Dracula’ which details the original cuts to the film ordered by the British Board of Film Censors to go with the release.

Fully restored in High Definition and available on Blu-ray and DVD for the first time, Terence Fisher’s 1958 classic will contain two versions of the feature: the 2007 BFI restoration plus the 2012 Hammer restoration, which adds additional footage that has been unavailable for decades.

For a full run-down on the release, click Here and watch out for our review soon. In the meantime… Enjoy!


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