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The Best of Wes Craven

With the recent release of <em><a href="http://lovehorror.co.uk/my-soul-to-take-2010-review">My Soul to Take</a></em> on DVD and the of course the return of <em>Scream</em> to our screens, we here at LoveHorror thought it was time to take you through our favorite frightening films from the wicked and warped Wes Craven.Read More

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Scream 4 back for more

Scream 4 is currently in production and set to hit US screens next year. This may or may not excite you. Scream was undoubtedly a fun movie, but by the third installment, it was all quite uninspiring. Let’s hope that Wes Craven has found a way to breathe like back into this lifeless corpse of […]Read More

Psycho Slasher

A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) Review

Like a reoccurring dream, A Nightmare on Elm Street was always going to come back to haunt our screens. With 8 films featuring Freddy from Wes Craven’s original to 2003’s monster mash-up Freddy vs. Jason, this 2010 remake of the 1984 sleep stalking slasher sets about to prove Kruger has 9 lives, and bring the […]Read More