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Cannibal Ferox (1981) Review

When I was younger and far less experienced in the realms of horror there were certain films that I heard secretly spoken about that always sparked my morbid adolescent interest. Of all the genres of movies though it seemed the cannibal films where the most strange and disturbing and therefore the ones I want to […]Read More

Xtro (1982) Review

An insane British horror from the 80’s Xtro managed to slip me by somehow and now with a Limited Edition box set release from Second Sight featuring new restoration with the original and alternate endings plus the original UK video version I finally got a chance to witness the weirdness.Read More

Blood Feast (1963) Review

Many times throughout history within art, science and all other human endeavors it has often been the case that the first time something is done it isn’t always the best time. One can picture the first cave man to create fire probably set alight his whole family and let’s not forget that penicillin, Velcro, the […]Read More

New York Ripper (1982) Review

Banned in many countries and released in others heavily edited as an ‘adults only’ movie, in 1984 New York Ripper was so shocking that the then Secretary of the British Board of Classification, James Ferman, ordered all the prints of the film to be escorted to the airport by the police and sent out of […]Read More

I Spit On Your Grave (2010) Review

Here we go again! So, if you’ve seen the original, or at least read the review on this here site, you’ll know that the first incarnation of I Spit On Your Grave saw a young woman go off to the country to get some writing done, whereupon she is horribly raped, beaten, and left for […]Read More