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Faust: Love of the Dammed (2000) Review

Throughout history stories of poor souls selling their souls to evil to get what they want have entered our mythology. One of the most famous of all these fables is the German legend of Faust, which appeared in the 16th century, telling of a man who makes a deal for knowledge and magical power in […]Read More

The Evil Dead (1981)

Horror has a history, and within that history are certain key points that determined the direction in which it would take and ultimately, whether it would survive censorship. Video nasties from the 80’s were integral to the evolution of horror movies and one such video nasty is The Evil Dead.Read More

Boogeyman (2005)

The boogeyman is essentially an American ‘monster’. Whereas spooky closets and dark under-bed areas are filled with all sorts of random creatures and dangers for British children, in the US, the boogeyman is the main man for such places. Therefore it was only a matter of time until a film-maker somewhere used him as inspiration […]Read More