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Truth Seekers: Series 1 (2020) Review

The prospect of a new TV series co-created and staring Nick Frost and Simon Pegg is something to get me as excited as Spaced’s Mike Watt at an Army Surplus store. Throw in the fact that its a horror comedy and I am almost set to explode but the big question is, is Truth Seekers […]Read More

Truth Seekers Launch New Virtual Escape Room

In celebration of the 30th October launch of Truth Seekers on Amazon Prime Video, fans of Nick Frost and Simon Pegg should get ready to embark on a paranormal investigation from the comfort of their homes. From 23rd October through 18th November, Prime Video will be hosting The Truth Seekers Remote Adventure.Read More

Slaughterhouse Rulez (2018) Review

When you think about schools and horror your mind is usually drawn to the High Schools and Frat Houses featured in an avalanche of American horror movies. From Carrie to Urban Legend, The Faculty to Scream Queens it seems being in school in the US is bad for your health.Read More