Grimms Friday 13th Slashers

FriPromIt may be unlucky for some, but on Friday 13th March, you’re in for a bloody treat as Grimm’s RETRO AND DANGEROUS bring you an exclusive double-bill of two classic ‘80s slashers.

RETRO AND DANGEROUS are here to bring Manchester the best in explosive, awesome and old school cinema; with totally excellent double bills R.A.D is all about delivering the Raddest of Retro Vibes, Iconic one liners and balls out amazing cinema! Join them at Gorilla on March Friday 13th for a blood soaked Slasher Double Bil

They were warned… They are doomed… And on Friday the 13th, nothing will save them.
Join the hapless counsellors of Camp Crystal Lake as they set up for another Summer of new campers and activities. One activity they didn’t count on though? Running for their lives. A very angry serial killer has set up camp too, and the bodies are soon piling high.
With its gratuitous nudity, imaginative death scenes, and more gore than you could shake a machete at, FRIDAY THE 13TH is the quintessential slasher.

If you’re not back by midnight… You won’t be coming home.
It’s the night of the prom! Corsages and limousines, dances and tuxedos. No such luck for these teens. Axes and gruesome deaths are the order of business. A secret they thought was long dead and buried comes back to haunt these party-goers, and their bodies are soon lining the high school halls.
Featuring Scream Queen Jamie Lee Curtis, and an awesome disco-fuelled soundtrack, PROM NIGHT is a night you’ll never forget!

Join Grimm for BOTH movies, back-to-back, for a tonne of gory fun! 6pm-10pm // £8ADV // 18+ Tickets & info here


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