Bloody Homecoming (2012) Review

Bloody HomecomingOpening on the night of Winston High’s homecoming dance a group of teenagers are turned away from the frivolities and end up having their own private party hidden away in an unpopulated area of the school.

As the gang drink and muck around bully boy Billy Corbin (Jesse Ferraro) takes his girl Annie (Grainne McDermott) into a secluded spot to get to know her more intimately in the hopes of getting lucky.

Annie is not up for Billy’s amorous advances though and turns him down enraging the alpha male who attempts to take what he is not being given. Luckily Loren (Lexi Giovagnoli) rushes to the rescue locking Billy into the drama departments costume store to cool down.

Bloody Homecoming

Unluckily for hot headed Billy his rage knocks over a candle setting fire to the whole room and killing him in the process leaving the whole school scarred by the tragedy resulting in a wait of three years before the homecoming celebration is resurrected.Bloody Homecoming

Along with the return of the school dance however comes someone intent on punishing the group of teens responsible for Billy’s death and the gang become the target to a fearsome figure wearing a fireman’s outfit wielding a sharpened spirit stick and brutally murdering everyone it blames bringing forth a truly Bloody Homecoming.

As you can probably tell from the title and plot synopsis Bloody Homecoming is a slasher packed full of every trope and stereotype possible and director Brian C. Weed and writer Jake Helgren are obviously firm fans of the genre.

The films saving grace is to play things straight as a truly traditional slasher flick avoiding parody or comedy along with the knowing post modernism that worked so well in Scream and so badly in every low budget imitator.

Fans of the genre will love the clichés and predictable plot line as well as the gore which is reasonably well realized considering it is such a low budget production. The killer is not the most original in its outfit or weapon of choice which is a pity however the cast do their best and the script elevates them ever so slightly above the typical scream queens and throw-away jocks.

Bloody HomecomingBloody Homecoming

Bloody Homecoming isn’t a bad movie although it’s not a patch on the classics of the genre but if you have exhausted every cult killer movie available to man it serves as an entertaining diversion reminiscent of the gory glory days of slashers gone by.

Movie Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 



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