The Wishing Box (2011) Review

Directed by Robert N. Gifford, The Wishing Box is a tale of Sorceress Cozara who a thousand years ago using dark magic, imprisoned hundreds of demonic souls in the black stones of the dark forest.
She believed this would give her the power to grant any wish. But unable to control the evil emanating from the stones the only wise thing for Cozara to do was bury the stones in a box deep in the earth, which she does.
wishing box film 2011
The Wishing Box comprises of 3 short stories. We begin with…

Richie, Rachel, Tracy and The Box

Richie is an alcoholic who is currently in possession of the stones. Whilst having a row with his girlfriend, Rachel, a child’s cries are heard from the basement. Rachel goes into the basement and finds the stones, which she decides she can use herself. The basement door closes trapping her and when Rachel’s friend Tracy comes to pick her up for work, Richie decides he wants to have some fun with a gun.

Rachel meanwhile, still fascinated with the power emanating from The Box, does not hear any of the commotion upstairs. There is a struggle and a gunshot. One person survives. Who is it and what business do they have then going down to confront Rachel? Watch and find out.

With the first story ending, a new tale of The Wishing Box begins…

Room 213, The Stepmother and The Box

Our second tale begins with a death. Lindsay is shot by her stepmother who then phones her husband to advise him that something is wrong with his daughter.
It is clear that she is possessed by The Box. What other evil things will she be capable of?

the wishing box movie 2011 the wishing box horror 2011

Room 302, Krista’s flashbacks and The Box

Our third and final tale begins with an introduction to Krista (Words enough can’t describe Krista, she is gorgeous!). Krista appears to have been dabbling in the black arts and has an unhealthy obsession with kitchen knives (Just what Cut And Slash loves in a woman!).

Krista has been left a load of money by her grandmother and is using the cash to invest in books on witchcraft. She doesn’t attend school and would rather indulge in her love of magic and the occult.

We are then shown a flashback where Krista is introduced to The Box by Sal, a close friend of hers. Krista looks at the stones and fairly unimpressed goes into the bathroom to have a sulk. During this time the stones radiate their power and possess Krista. Sal has always wanted to sleep with Krista, but finds out to his cost that not everything is worth waiting for in life, especially when that everything has a kitchen knife in their hand ready to plunge it into you.

Sal has been given what he didn’t expect and Krista is then confronted by Sal’s girlfriend Mary…

wishing box film

The first positive thing about the Wishing Box is that it doesn’t begin with any narration. Instead for the opening minutes we are treated to a vision of Cozara checking on the stones, and this is helped along by a very good soundtrack.
Generally speaking, the effects are also very good for a low budget film and give you the sense of another-worldly atmosphere which runs through each tale and the film as a whole.

The Wishing Box will appeal to anyone who loves guns, knives and beautiful ladies. The actors in the stories are solid and give very good performances in the short time they have onscreen. Robert N. Gifford allows the actors to breathe and give the performances that a film like this deserves. Although not Oscar winning performances, the acting is enough to help you believe in the characters and feel for them when they experience the horrors that The Wishing Box is presenting to them.

I would recommend this DVD to all lovers of low budget horror and would recommend you check out Robert N. Gifford’s website for other similar titles if you like what you see.

Cut And Slash needs to take a shower now, as Krista has got him worked up into a sweat!

Movie Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 



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  • My friend told me about this movie as it has her favorite music artist Phil Lewis of L.A. Guns fame. I was wondering if you could tell me if the movie was ever released on DVD. If so, would there be a way for me to purchase it?

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