THE SAMURAI slices up horror April 2015

imagesAs Director Till Kleinert describes it “THE SAMURAI is a thriller that gradually shifts into nightmare territory as it progresses.”

As night wanes something hidden is unleashed to meet the first rays of daylight… A wolf lurks in the woods surrounding an isolated village. Jakob, a young police officer is onto him, but senses something more in the darkness. What he discovers is a man, wild eyed, in a wedding dress. He carries a Samurai sword. The Samurai invites Jakob to follow him on his bloody crusade through the village. Who is this debauched maniac and what does he want?

Till Kleinert’s ruthless rural horror pulsates with relentless intensity, The Samurai is a daring, outrageous and fascinating journey into the sexual heart of darkness.

On DVD & On-Demand April 2015 check out the trailer below:


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