Dark Touch (2013) Review

Dark Touch
Love Me for a Reason

On a scale of 1 to absolutely terrible god awful pointless drivel Dark Touch is an 11. A dreadful uninspired Carrie remake set in Ireland the most shocking thing about it is that the main actress Missy Keating was allowed to be in this crap by her ex-boy band leading father Ronan.

The plot if there is one is that there is a girl and she is being abused and she has powers and she kills her parents and gets taken in by some other parents but she thinks they are going to abuse her but they aren’t so she starts killing people, the end.

Dark Touch
When the Going Gets Tough

Predictable and derivative from the start it is extremely easy to see where the story is going even from the opening and even if you hadn’t seen the million and one other horror films that contained the same killer kid story line such as The Fury, Firestarter, Dorothy, Orphan, The Omen etcetera after evil etcetera.fsdfdf

Worse than this is the completely off kilter tone of the film which wildly pitches between disturbing child abuse drama and ridiculous throwaway slasher film neither working one iota.

This blend of extremely upsetting sexual and physical abuse on children mainly performed by their parents followed by supposedly scary scenes straight out of a bad 80’s horror are jarring to say the least and end up making much of the film simply laughable a fact which is egged on by the unbelievably bad decisions the characters make throughout the movie.

The parents constantly miss the blatantly obvious signs not only of the girls powers but of her upsetting upbringing leading to them perpetually appearing to be following the same sick regime in a series of preposterous misunderstandings and misjudged actions.

Dark Touch
Life is a Rollercoaster

This is nothing compared to Charlotte Flyvholm who plays the most inept and badly trained social worker that ever lived not only completely missing every red flag ever imagined but in fact making the whole situation a million times worse with her meddling like an advert for every failing child services has ever perpetrated.

Dark Touch
When You Say Nothing at All

Director and writer Marina de Van should know better but sadly it seems she doesn’t and Dark Touch like a runaway train that’s gone off the horror rails heads more and more into humor and over blown cliché ridden ridiculousness till it crashes and burns in its crazy revenge driven finale.

Movie Rating: ☆

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 



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