Some Guy Who Kills People (2011) Review

When Ken Boyd comes out of a mental institution he’s determined to lead a normal life and takes a job with one of his school friends at a local diner.

He’s determined to overcome trauma from his teenage Some Guy Who Kills Peopleyears (including a severe case of bullying at high school) and finds escape in his artwork for which he has a gift.

But a few chance encounters with his former tormentors brings back the painful past and drives him to fantasise about seeking bloody revenge. One by one, the bullies are picked off, each meeting a gruesome end. But it’s during this vengeful rampage that Ken is reunited with a daughter that he has never met. He then also falls in love with a girl called Stephanie (Lucy Davis). Ken finally has something to live for. But the question is, will that love be strong enough to make him forget his past and the slaughter of those who wronged him?

Some Guy Who Kills People is a surprising film. It isn’t the first dark comedy about a serial killer but does offer something curious and different in its style and clever construction.

some guy who kills people

First there’s the cast. Kevin Corrigan skilfully plays the jittery, unstable yet likeable lead. Lucy Davis plays Stephanie with the same uncomfortable, shy but confident mannerisms that first got her noticed in The Office. And Ariel Gade puts on an excellent permanence playing Amy, Ken’s confident daughter who longs to know her father and be a part of his life.
The icing on the cake is added experience coming from the dead pan humour of Hollywood veteran Barry Bostwick and Ken’s resentful mother, played by Karen Black.

The strange tale evolves in an unusual way and although it follows convention, the scripting and regular detours from the usual filmic path keep this tale of love in the face of adversity engaging.

You can’t help but be drawn into Ken’s world. From his painful past and hunger for revenge to his desire to be normal and find love and affection from his mother, daughter and lover.

some guy who kills people movie 2011 some guy who kills people film 2011

The humour element of Some Guy Who Kills People is well gauged. It’s present throughout the entire film but manages to stay subtly below the surface, preventing it from detracting from the more serious themes. It’s never easy to get a balance like this right, but thanks to the quality of the cast and some good writing, Ryan Levin (writer) and Jack Perez seem to have found a sweet spot.

Some Guy Who Kills People isn’t an action-packed gore-fest, neither is it tense or terrifying. But if you’re looking for something darkly funny in a similar vein to Grosse Pointe Blank, you’ll enjoy it.

Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ½ ☆ 

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