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Love Horror is a movie review site with a difference.Horror Movies
Instead of writing horror movies reviews for cash, or to suck up and obsess over actors, we at Love Horror strive to give good, honest, impartial information. Therefore helping you to make more informed decisions when chosing a horror movie to rent or buy.

We’re called Love Horror because we literally ‘Love’ horror. We love watching horror films, writing reviews, interviewing horror people and generally enjoy suporting a genre that is probably the most exciting of all movie genres.

Browsing our reviews of horror movies

There are a number of ways to find the horror reviews that you’re looking for on Love Horror. The front page shows our latest content – reviews, horror news, horror features and horror related competitions.

Our Horror movies archive shows our horror reviews and features by date, and you can search the A to Z of Horror Movies to view our content in alphabetical order. There is of course, also the handy search box at the top right-hand corner of every page to help you too. We just want to make it as easy as possible for you to find the information that you’re after!

Other Stuff

Of course, there’s a lot to more on Love Horror than just horror movies reviews. We try to keep you informed with the latest horror news as it breaks; we have regular competitions on the site, giving you the opportunity to win DVD’s, tickets and horror merchandise; where possible we interview interesting people in the horror industry; and we provide horror features, which are interesting articles for you to consume – this year we’re hoping to have a lot of horror events covered using this format.

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New! Independent Horror Movies
We’ve started a new initiative encouraging people to submit their independent horror films. If you’re interested in doing this, follow the link below:
Submit horror movies for review

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