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15 Years in the making Andrew Getty’s lifework, the mind-bending shocker The Evil Within is finally released on DVD and Blu-ray on 4 September two years after the billionaire heir to the Getty family fortune’s tragic death.

To celebrate we spoke to producer Michael Luceri who worked closely on the movie about his favorite horror film which just happens to star horror legend Michael Berryman who can also be seen in a particularly chilling turn in The Evil Within as Cadaver, the nightmarish master of the innocent Dennis’s terrifying dreams.

Michael Luceri “The original The Hills Have Eyes. It was an ingenious film that launched a sub-genre within the horror genre. It utilized the storytelling angle of “stranded” and “fish-out-of-water” (or in this case fishes) in such a way that it made you truly viscerally afraid. As Jaws makes you question ever going into the water again, the original The Hills Have Eyes makes you question ever asking for directions and deviating from a main travel route again. In horror we are afraid of the unknown and the unseen. Here we have this crazy and hermetic family of dessert dwellers who truly are a terrifying antagonistic force because they are both! No one could ever know a “family” like this and understand what makes them tick. They know their desolate realm so well that they can be anywhere at anytime and you would never know it!”

The Evil Within’ from Andrew Getty arrives in the UK DVD & Blu-ray release 4 September check out our review HERE and the trailer below:


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