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Truth or Dare is Robert Heath’s brutal British horror that hits our small screens on Monday (27th August).

Truth or Dare tells the story of five teenage friends are taken hostage by a vengeful psychopath and forced to play a party game with life-or-death consequences.Truth or Dare dvd

This gritty, dark film promises to pile on the suspense and offer shocking Saw-esque scenes with a British twist.

TRUTH: A group of college friends celebrate the end of term with a party to end all parties. Drink, drugs and sex flow in equal measure as everyone lets loose. As the focus shifts to playing a seemingly harmless game of Truth or Dare it leads to humiliation and pain for one lonely geek.

DARE: A year later the four friends are reunited as they are invited to a birthday party at a grand stately home. They realize very quickly that this is a party where the guests are definitely not welcome. In a bid for vengeance all are forced to play a sickening and gruesome game of Truth or Dare, where a Dare may well equal death. Sex, lies and murder are all unravelled as the game hurls the group toward a final, fatal twist.

Can you take the tension? Find out by watching this little taster clip:

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