Trinity X to release Englund’s devilish INKUBUS in the UK

InkubusMurder, gore and mayhem ensue as two giants of the horror genre, Robert Englund and William Forsythe team up for the first time in supernatural horror thriller, INKUBUS, which will be released by Trinity X on DVD in the UK, Monday Feb 6, 2012.

Directed by feature film debutant Glenn Ciano, INKUBUS tells the gruesome story of the demon Inkubus (played by Englund) who is hell-bent on destroying the one man who almost captured him thirteen years ago, Detective Gil Diamante (William Forsythe). Shot in just 15 days, Ciano has gone on record as saying he wanted the film to be a “nuts and guts” throw-back to the 80s genre film.

Englund, who is known for working with new-blood directors such as Adam Green, Tim Sullivan and Scott Glosserman explains why he took the role: “I deliberately now look first at scripts from newcomers and Glenn Ciano’s INKUBUS was such an intriguing project. People like him have shone a new light on the genre and provided it with a new and viable business model”.

See the trailer here:


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