The Hypnotist catches our eye!

THE_HYPNOTIST_DVD_2D_png_29From celebrated director Lasse Hallström (What’s Eating Gilbert Grape; Chocolat; Salmon Fishing In The Yemen) comes a new tense and brutal crime thriller – The Hypnotist based on the best-selling novel by Lars Kepler. A must-see for fans of “The Killing” and Scandinavian book-to-film adaptations by authors such as Jo Nesbø (Headhunters) and Stieg Larsson (The Millenium Trilogy).

In the middle of a dark December night, psychiatrist Erik Maria Bark (Mikael Persbrandt) is woken by a telephone call from a hospital in Stockholm. Detective Inspector Joona Linna (Tobias Zilliacus) asks for his immediate help in treating an unconscious patient suffering from acute trauma. He hopes that Erik will be able to communicate with the young boy through hypnosis, enabling the police to question him. They intend to find out who so brutally murdered his parents and younger sister, in order to track down and save his mysteriously missing older sister before it is too late.

It’s fantastic to see Swedish filmmaker Lasse Hallström going back to his roots to direct such a riveting crime thriller. The Hypnotist captivated us throughout by encompassing the very best aspects of Scandinavian drama, keeping us on the edge of our seat until the tense finale.

With an incredible performance from Mikael Persbrandt as a troubled psychologist, the film breaks new ground for the hugely popular nordic noir genre that has already given us modern crime classics such as The Killing and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. So if you are after your next Scandinavian crime fix then look no further!



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