The Green Inferno Trailer

After reporting on the emergence of the teaser trailer for Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno, we hoped it wouldn’t be long until we got more of a look at the film.

Yesterday Eli announced that the trailer was now up and viewable (on Yahoo Movies exclusively at the time of writing). Interestingly the accompanying blurb suggests that the film is another ‘torture porn’ film, while Eli has made clear that he feels that his film “has nothing to do with torture. Or porn. It’s a comment on vanity activism.”

The Green Inferno trailer

Whichever way you want to label the film, one thing’s for sure – it’s gonna be bloody.
Eli, who has been responsible for such gore filled productions as Hostel and Cabin Fever looks set to turn our stomachs yet again as The Green Inferno revolves around cannibalism and torture.

Reminiscent of the notorious faux snuff movie, Cannibal Holocaust, Roth’s film follows a group of westerners on an expedition into a remote, unexplored rainforest.

But on discovery of a primitive tribe, the travellers are taken captive and face a grim future as their keepers subject them to pain and mutilation.

You can check out the trailer right here now:

The Green Inferno gets its cinematic release in September.


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