Séance: The Summoning is Summoning You!

SÉANCE: THE SUMMONINGSoaked in gore and burning with hellfire, Séance: The Summoning is a bloody, violent descent into a hallucinatory realm of macabre malevolence, demonic destruction and pure, unadulterated terror.

Brace yourselves for the awakening of your darkest fears in this horrifying new nightmare from the visionary creators of Hellraiser and Deadgirl.

When a young girl is accused of being a fraud medium she makes a bet that she can prove her ability to talk to the spirit world. But after taking the group to the city morgue a presence too powerful for her to control is released. Ancient, wise and bent on destruction it will stop at nothing until its thirst for souls has been quenched.

Check out the trailer for Séance: The Summoning below and watch out on LoveHorror for more info soon:


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