Love Horror’s New E-newsletter

We’re all set to launch our new e-newsletter and we’re very excited about it.

The short, one page digest will be sent to all of those of you that are our mailing list on a monthly basis (starting tomorrow). The idea is that it will give you a taste of what we have on the site whilst also offering some great exclusive features.

Exclusive features?

Yep. Like competitions, features and other fun things. If you subscribe you’ll get exclusive access to some great new content.

Say no to spam

Most importantly, as we (like much of the world) hate spam, we’ll only send you stuff that’s interesting and will also make it super easy to unsubscribe if you (for some crazy reason) decide that you don’t want to receive our awesome, exclusive emails anymore.

Signing up couldn’t be easier. We have little widget on the bottom right of our homepage:
Love Horror Homepage

It’s just one of the exciting new things that we’re working on to give our readers more interesting content…


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