Love Horror reviews.

Do you like a good horror movie? More importantly, do you feel that you have to analyse a film after you have watched it?
And are you good at writing witty and insightful content?
Well, we might have a need for you.

Love Horror is looking for more contributors to help make our site even more wonderful.
If you think that you have what it takes to join us, send a review for a horror film (that we haven’t featured), around 600 words in length, and if it’s good enough we’ll publish it online.

And if you have what it takes, you too could be receiving preview DVD’s and invitations to exclusive screenings to cover on Love Horror. Exciting huh?

Just send your reviews* to reviews(at) and who knows what might happen.

*In sending us a review you are confirming that the content original is entirely owned/created by you. You are also agreeing that it’s okay for us to publish and use the information on Love Horror.

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