Killers Secures US Release

The hotly anticipated thrill filled Indonesian serial killer movie The Killers has finally had a US release secured thanks to distribution company Well Go USA.

The film was screened in January at the Sundance Festival the killers horror 2014 indonesian movie filmand was well received and the film has already been released in Indonesia and Japan, but this latest deal will ensure that this fearsom film will now reach an even wider audience.

The Killers is directed by the Mo Brothers (aka Timo Tjahjanto and Kimo Stamboel) who between them have worked on such bloody delights as Macabre, V/H/S and The ABC’s of Death.
This film though, which is their first full length feature since 2009 tells a twisted tale of two men with similar interests that are brought together by the wonder that is the internet.

When Bayu Aditya, an ambitious Indonesian journalist hit hard times trying to expose a supposedly corrupt politician he looks to the internet to find inspiration on how to make things ‘right’ and find justice. During this search he comes across some online videos posted by a Japanese executive called Nomura Shuhei who kills people on camera for thrills.
The acts caught on camera inspire Bayu to look for blood in his persuit of justice, but he soon finds himself entagled in a bond with his online acquaintence that he can’t escape.

The film is owned by XYZ films which has already made a deal with Lionsgate for a UK release, more details on that as they come.

In the meantime, check out the trailer for Killers here:


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