It’s official, we’re too popular

Yesterday, something very dramatic and horrible happened. The world was without Love Horror for nearly 24 hours.
Luckily normal service has been resumed and the reason for us going offline? Well, we’re just too popular.

Yes, it has now been officially proved that our site is too popular

computer meltdown
Our server yesterday - probably.

even for our usually cast-iron hosing package. It would appear that recent spikes in page views have cause our servers to crumble or melt under the strain of trying to support us.

We’d like to think that it may have been a zombie horde that broke free from a lab somewhere and got online (we always like to think that zombies are involved). But it was more than likely just normal humans, like you.

However, please don’t let this hiccup put you off visiting Love Horror. In fact, help us to become even more popular by keeping up-to-date with what we’re doing.
We have played with a few settings here and there to prevent the site going down in similar circumstances, and because we’re so hopeful that we will continue to grow, we’re now taking steps to move towards a bigger and even better hosting deal.

Thanks for your support!


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