Iron Clad 2 Gets Bloody

If you paid attention in your history class, you’ll know that Medieval times were particularly bloody and brutal.

And Iron Clad 2: Battle for Blood Iron clad 2 battle for bloodpromises to take us back to it all, with swords, axes and enough gore to put you off tomato soup for a few hours at least.

When a small band of hired swords gather inside Hubert’s (Tom Rhys Harries) family castle their plan is to hold off evil Celtic Tribesmen hell-bent on revenge for the death of their leaders’ son.
One of the mercenaries named Guy (Tom Austen) battles with guilt over the atrocities he has committed in years gone by and also over and his burgeoning feelings for Kate, his cousin (Roxanne McKee). He must battle to focus on the job in hand or he, and the other battled hardened warriors around him may quite literally lose their heads.

Get a taste of the sword swinging, armour-clad action here:

Iron Clad 2: Battle for Blood is released in cinemas across the UK today (14th March).


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