Goblin Performing at Barbican Hall

Anyone that knows their horror movie music will know Goblin.

The band is synoymous with goblin posterseventies and eighties horror and they provided the musical landscape for such master works as Susperia, Tenebrae and Dawn of the Dead (1978).

Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin will be performing the soundtrack to Dario Argento’s Profondo Rosso (aka Deep Red) at Barbican Hall on Saturday 21st February 2015.

This coincides with the 40th anniversary of the film, which will be screened as Goblin perform.

Along with Suspiria, Profondo Rosso is perhaps Argento’s most celebrated film and a classic of the giallo horror subgenre. The soundtrack is said to have been penned in just one night when the band (then called Cherry Five) were called in to replace the original soundtrack which Argento wasn’t happy with.

If you want to experience this awesome event, you can find further details here:


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