FrightFest the 13th – The Fear in Photos Day 1

Frightfest 2012 (the 13th) has officially kicked off.

After spending a long night scrutinising the films on offer, Zombie2 returned with some nice photos to share with you all…

FrightFest the 13th
The Empire Leicester Square the home of FrightFest


FrightFest the 13th
The fist day and films are sold out already!
FrightFest the 13th
Are you avin’ a Giraffe? – Cockneys Vs Zombies one of FrightFest’s first films!
FrightFest the 13th
LoveHorror’s seat – The best view in London!
FrightFest the 13th
The pass of glory!
FrightFest the 13th
Bloody bounty – The FrightFest free gift bag in full.

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