Exclusive behind the scenes footage from THE DEAD

As we get ever more excited about the forthcoming Film4 Frightfest, we have been given access to some excellent footage from one of the headlining films – The Dead

From Howard J Ford, Director of THE DEAD

“This is the first of 3 episodes of exclusive behind the scenes footage leading up to the world premiere of ‘The Dead’ at FrightFest in London & hopefully it gives you an insight on what a fucking nightmare it was trying to get even one shot of ‘The Dead’ in the can out there in Africa, let alone an entire move! I hope you enjoy it safe in your seats as, trust me, you would not have wanted to be there!!
Also, the next 2 episodes have even more disgusting situations the crew had to face to get ‘The Dead’. on screen so stay tuned and hope to see you all at the premiere.”

Part 2!


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LOL – great interpretation of running!!! How frustrating… Loving the passion it must of took to see this one through…

Glad I’ve got my Fright Fest tickets. Hope the next 2 parts come out soon. AKs & zombies Brilliant

Imagine if they had the guns when he was robbed at knifepoint. Would have been one of those Indiana Jones moments…

Love Horror – love this… Would be good if they had a time lapse of all the customs trips ha ha! Why do all ports insist on having awkward customs. Mind you they probably take the biscuit over there…

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