Everyone’s Favorite Serial Killer Dexter Returns

Dexter: The Complete Sixth SeasonDexter is back and more deadly than ever when Dexter: The Complete Sixth Season arrives on DVD and Blu-ray on 18 June – courtesy of Paramount Home Entertainment.

Starring Golden Globe® winner Michael C. Hall, guest starring Colin Hanks (Mad Men, Orange County) and rapper Mos Def, the sixth season sees everyone’s favourite serial killer return with a new lease of life… And death.

Dexter’s Dark Passenger is still alive and well as he manages to stay in the shadows, do his job and be a single father. With Trinity in his rearview mirror, life becomes a bit more complicated for Dexter as his sister Deb explores new relationship boundaries, and he discovers religion in more ways than one.

A breakout of gruesome killings based on the Book of Revelations and the emergence of the Domesday Killer puts Dexter and Miami Homicide on the hunt for a new beast of biblical proportions. Can Dexter catch him before the Apocalypse? Or is this holy beast too much even for him?

The Dexter: The Complete Sixth Season DVD and Blu-ray sets include all 12 jaw-dropping episodes. The DVD set will be available for the suggested retail price of £34.99 and the Blu-ray set will have a suggested retail price of £49.99.

Total running time is approximately 10 hours, 35 minutes. Episodes are as follows:

· Those Kinds of Things
· One Upon a Time
· Smokey and the Bandit
· A Horse of a Different Colour
· The Angel of Death
· Just Let Go
· Nebraska
· Sin of Omission
· Get Gellar
· Ricochet Rabbit
· Talk to the Hand
· This is the Way the World Ends

DEXTER received multiple 2011 Golden Globe® nominations, including Best Television Series—Drama, Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series—Drama (Michael C. Hall). As of February 2012, Dexter has been nominated for over 100 awards and has won 35. Dexter fans are in for a treat as the show has also been greenlit for another two seasons.

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